Waiting for Google + Brands

A few weeks ago I attended a very interesting webinar, hosted by Social Media Today, discussing the possibilities of Google + (if it ever becomes open for businesses).  Though this hour-long conversation covered many issues related to the new social network, a few questions that were presented stuck out in my mind.

  1. What will be the tipping point for Google+?  In the webinar it was stated that the reason that Facebook succeeded was the combination of connecting with “real world” friends in an online space and as a photo-sharing site. The consensus  seemed to agree the Google’s strongest assest is it’s ability to deliver incredible amounts of data, currently shown with Google Analytics.
  2. How will the addition of Google + affect SEO?  The rumor is that once Google + becomes open for brands, the more prominent a brand’s presence on Google+ the better the SEO results will be on Google. So if a brand’s content will do more for SEO on a Google+ account will brands spend less time/effort maintaing other social networking sites?
  3. Will the battle between Facebook and Google + affect the growth of these respective social networks?  A portion of the discussion focused on the rivalry that has been created between Google and Facebook.  It appears that both companies are attempting to branch into each other’s area of expertise, with Google become more social and Facebook becoming more search.  This rivalry could expand into some interesting tactics to inhibit each other’s expansion, including a rumor that Facebook blocking status updates inviting it’s users to join Google + http://ow.ly/6aEJt (via techie buzz).

Below I’ve included a link to the recorded version so feel free to watch and then let us know what you think with a comment.


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