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iPad 2 Giveaway: Terms & Conditions


“Contest term” begins December 8, 2011 and ends January 31, 2012.


You must be at least 18 years of age and a legal U.S. citizen to enter. Void where prohibited by law.

The giveaway starts on December 8, 2011 and closes on January 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. CST. A winner will be announced on February 1, 2012.


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16GB Apple iPad2 (Value: $499)

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Odds of winning depend on total number of eligible entries received. Contest prizes are non-transferable. Prizes may not be substituted for or redeemed for cash.

Good luck everyone!!

783 thoughts on “Win an Apple iPad 2 from dr2marketing!

  1. I would be able to socialize with my friends while traveling to see my family, where internet connection and phone service is limited.

    Thank you!

  2. I would use it for apps and to read and for social media and share it with my son to use for college


  3. I would give it to my college student son he could really use it!
    Tweeting (@clooneygal) and following on Facebook Thanks!

  4. I would love to give my Father (he is 83 years young) this iPad because he is so intrigued and interested in technology and it would give him such freedom to explore what only he can dream about! Thank you!

  5. 1) Following on Facebook and I shared the giveaway on my wall (Michelle Hudak)
    2) Following on Twitter @auntiethesis and I tweeted:

    I’ve wanted an iPad since Apple first released it. I’m an avid book reader and I’d love to take my library with me wherever I go. No laptop needed; the iPad would be my on-the-go-slide-into-my-bag email and internet connection. I know I’d be taking the iPad with me wherever I go; it would be my constant companion.

  6. If I won the iPad2 I’d use it to FB, surf the web, read, and play apps.

    I “liked” you on FB and shared.
    I follow you on twitter and retweeted @618mom23boys

  7. I would use the ipad for so many great things. I would use it as a learning tool for my children. I would use it for facebook, twitter, and surfing the web. Games, Photos, Videos.
    Liked on facebook and shared
    Following on twitter @Sienna337 and tweeted

  8. I don’t own an iPad and would love to have one. I would use it primarily for reading ebooks and social networking for another. Thanks for the opportunity! Tweeted @Phoenixx138

  9. I would use it everyday in every way it could be used. I am a sales rep and would use it to show presentations, product updates, etc. What a dream….

  10. My mother lives 2300 miles away. She has never met her first born grandson, due to severe financial issues including bankruptcy. My son is now 16 months old and has yet to know his grandmother face-to-face. I plan to fly him over to her this coming summer, but I would really like her to have an iPad so that we can facetime eachother and she can see him live and in action. This gift would be an incredible surprise and a wonderful present for Christmas. Thank you so much for your giveaway.

  11. I would use this iPad for several reasons. I am currently attending BYU and am taking notes the old fashion way. I would use it to take notes and keep better track of them. I would also use it to give presentations and access email for work. I would download movies to allow my nieces and nephews to watch as we made the long drive from Salt Lake City to my families cabin in Wyoming. The iPad 2 would be a huge benefit to me and my family.

  12. I would use it for my family. We are always fighting over usage on our 1 computer, and it would help out. We’ve always wanted an ipad! I had an iPod touch once, but my 10 yr old son and I were in a store that ended up being robbed at gunpoint & we were individually robbed as well. We also have family halfway across the country & it would be a great device to help us keep in touch. It would really help my son in his school work as well. I also have to admit, I do miss Angry Birds!

  13. I would give the Ipad to my 16 year old daughter, she has always wanted one and is doing very well in school. Followed andTweeted on twitter @andreama13, liked and shared on facebook

  14. fb fan and shared tony l smoaks
    twitter follower and tweeted @fdp4life
    i would love to win an ipad2. i would use it to keep in touch with my friends while on my two hour a day commute.

  15. I would give this iPad to my youngest daughter who just started college with plans of being a Physician’s Assistant. This would come in handy for her to use in class taking notes (via an cool app that I found) or just for down time… when she needs a break and wants to play games or check her email. Thanks for the chance! Following on FB as Deb Jacobs and on twitter as @debralu.

  16. Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka to you & your Ohana~
    I would use the IPAD2 for everything under the Blue Moon! i do not have an I anything and this would sure come in handy. I have a four yr old and it would help out w/ driving and plane rides. and looking up info. Many mahalo’s for this entry. i tweeted, I r.t too. I fb’d ya and i blogged/ done it all . \
    Mele kalikimaka {Merry Christmas}
    facebook~ jennifer jena miller
    blog~ your blog and blog frog

    • STEP 1

      ‘Like’ us on Facebook and click here to share the contest with your friends, family and colleagues. (1 entry)

      Follow @dr2marketing on Twitter and click here to retweet about our contest announcement. (1 entry)

      STEP 2

      Leave a comment on our blog with your name and email address telling us what you would do with a new Apple iPad 2.

  17. Liked on Facebook and shared with friends.

    If I won the iPad, I would give it to my awesome, straight A daughters, who would download a bunch of game apps, check their emails, and keep in touch with friends when taking well deserved breaks from their schoolwork.

  18. I would love to win this IPAD and give it to my mom as a present. She really wants to have one and she deserves it 🙂

  19. i would give it to my husband! He deserves everything in the world! he is the most amazing man i know and he is a wonderful friend to me and he is great father to our children!

  20. I’d love to give the iPad to my husband, because he always commutes to work, and is going back to school next year for foreign relations. An iPad would really help him keep up with current events.

  21. I would use the iPad2 to work on when I was away from home. Thanks for the chance.

    Like and shared on FB
    Following and tweeting @jillyrh

  22. I would love to have one- don’t have an iphone or anything but the laptop and work from home- I find myself dragging the laptop with cords places to use it out, this would be a blessing so I could work easier outside the home. Liked and we post each time we like and share? Thankyou for this way of doing, so many people cheat on twitter- this way you can track ips entering

  23. I would give the iPad 2 to my daughter! She really wants one. They are so nice for school,work and play!!! I am saving a spot under my tree for this iPad!!! Hope I win : ))))

  24. i would use an ipad to occupy my kids while out and about… oh and play angry birds myself!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  25. If I won, I would give the iPad to my mom. She teaches English as a Second Language in an elementary school in NYC and it would really help the children learn as they would take more of an interest and it would be a great visual tool for a classroom.

  26. If I won I would give it to my mom.It would be nice to get her something nice for once,and she would love reading all her books and being able to use it as she travels for work :).

  27. My daughter works out of town a lot. i would love to have the iPad to use Facetime so my granddaughter could see her mom when she calls!

  28. Question (feel free to delete afterwards)… do we comment on here every time we do a daily task (sharing or tweeting)? How will you know who did what for extra entries?

    kitekoop at gmail dot com

    • The blog allows us to keep track of your name and e-mail so we can contact you if you win. This is the ONLY purpose of us collecting your name and e-mail address, but you must provide this information to be eligible. Sharing on Facebook and retweeting allows for multiple entries each day for a better chance at winning in our random drawing. Hope that clarifies things for you and thanks for entering!

      • No. This is just to have your name and e-mail to contact you in case you win. But feel free to check out our other content and comment on it! Thanks for the questions, enjoy your day and good luck!

  29. The iPad2 would be perfect for my nephew. He usually gets used passed down stuff so he would be thrilled to get a brand new iPad2. Thanks for the chance!

  30. I would share the ipad2 with my family. My husband would use it for games and news, my son for college related things and I would use apps and social media. @pizzalogger

  31. I want an Ipad so bad that I have been entering every contest that I can find that is giving one away. I would love to have one for a Christmas present.

  32. I would love to win an iPad2 for my granddaughter. She’s in college, studying to be a nurse… one and a half years left, and I’m sure would benefit from it. We’re retired, fixed income ugh, so there’s no way we could provide one for her. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  33. My dear husband accidentally killed my laptop trying to re-format it, and I’m having to beg for computer time from him now. I would love an iPad2 to replace my loss!

  34. I’m hoping to give my husband an iPad for Christmas… but that may not be possible so, if I win this IPad I would give it to him for our February wedding anniversary.

  35. I would use it daily, take along while traveling to stay in touch with family, catch up on some reading of my favorite books and use for notes when I go back to school.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

    shared and tweeted.

  36. Id love to have one, I dont have anything portable and with four little ones this would be great for on the go also I just have an older desktop. So this would be amazing!!

  37. Such an awesome idea. if i won, i would use it to help with my tutoring my niece and nephew at school. its light enough that i wouldnt have to carry a heavy laptop or search for a computer to access their tutoring materials and sheets!

  38. I would love to have this! I don’t even know where I’d start on it, I’d be so excited. But I would explore every possible use and connection, and keep it with me all the time, for sure.

  39. I would give it to my son in university to carry to class and help with his schoolwork..can’t afford one so i am trying to win one

  40. I’d use the iPad in my job hunt. After being laid off last month, having the iPad would make it easier to find a new job and still be on the go.

  41. I would use the iPad for my college courses I am starting soon…it’s been 18 years since I have been in school.. this should get me on the right track!

  42. My 7 year old son is very interested learning new things, I would use to iPad to fill his little head with all the knowledge he craves!

  43. eyewonit AT aol DOT com If I had a new Apple iPad 2 I could take it with me everywhere and never lose touch with family and friends. I could even entertain myself surfing the net while waiting for appts and take pictures and videos and all this with just one handy dandy slim sized puter!!

  44. I did both fb and twitter, If i won id give it to my daughters for christmas they are the best daughters and most politest anyone could ask for,, they would be soo excited to get it,..

  45. If i the one who will win the apple ipad2, i would install more song , movies , also for my important documents , dictionaries so that my sister can research easily her assisgntment or any topics from school she can learn…

  46. I would use it in my job. I’m a social worker working in hospice and I’d like to use the video capabilities for my patients who want to leave messages for their loved ones.

  47. If I had an ipad 2 I would use it to worj from home and make extra money, on top of browsing the internet and playing games on it.

  48. I would give it to my wife to use in here new photography business.
    would be great to give people a preview of their pics before they leave the shoot

  49. If I won the iPad2 I would give it to my son so he can stop hoggin the family computer 🙂 Sometimes I would make him share though ’cause the games and apps are super cool!

    Sharing and tweeting!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. I would give the Apple Ipad 2 to my mom for Christmas. She’s been wanting to get one and it would be the perfect Christmas present!

    I liked, shared, followed and retweeted!

  51. the question is , what wouldn’t I use it for?? There are so many things to do with the ipad..movies, music, socialize, read books and that’s just the beginning! I would take it with me wherever I went..:)

  52. I did BOTH steps and I would be thrilled to own a ipad 2. I would go get some wonderful apps ive heard about like google sky, iscope,padcad, blueprint. and learn something new! @MCJunkie

  53. I’ve done your required steps (NeboBeads on Twitter) & Catherine Barber – Facebook) and if I were blessed enough to win the iPad 2 I would give it to my daughter who graduated early (finals were this week) with her Bachelor’s degree. it would be her graduation present & would be a wonderful help for her as she will start grad school in the fall 2012.

  54. name – Chad C
    email – emmaspeel(at)

    I’d use my new ipad 2 because I don’t have a Wi-Fi network that’s at my access

  55. Winning an ipad 2 would be a dream come true. I have no money for Christmas this year so winning this would help immensely.

  56. I would love to win this ipad2 for my daughter who is going to school to become a journalist. This iPad2 would offer great opportunities for her enhanced learning and maybe even some fun stuff too. 🙂

  57. ria clarke
    rmartinclarke @
    liked & shared on fb – ria clarke
    follow & tweet- @rsmc1
    I would be able to access deals on the go with an ipad

  58. Been wanting one of these for some time. I would use it for my long-distance job right now for things like recording meetings, etc. I would get the kindle app and read like crazy. I would also get the one to one service from apple to see what all this device is capable of, so I can get the max benefits from it. Thanks.

  59. If I won, I would do everything with it! I would tweet, post to FB, use it as an eReader and most likely download an app for a GPS. I am sure I would also let my son use it when he was home…. and possibly share it with my husband.

  60. If I get the iPad 2 I would use it for business, pleasure and FaceTime.
    Business a great to engage prospects with an interactive portfolio of what I can offer.
    Pleasure watch movies, enjoy apps or read books.
    FaceTime how much better,more interactive and more emotional can Face to Face conversation be between iPad and iPhone users.

  61. I would rule the world!! (probably not…I’ve never used an iPad before so I’m not sure exactly how I would use it but I’m sure I’d have fun with it since I love my iphone.)

  62. I would ueit for my work atthe school..teach my hubby to be computer savvy and design quilts on it..keep in touch w/ my family–all oveer the USA and ENJOY it’s convienience!!!

  63. I would use it for my business – and also to occupy the kids when needed! Thanks for the chance – I can’t wait to try out an iPad!

  64. I would love to win this for my daughter and myself. My daughter has ADHD and learns better with hands on things. This IPad would do great things towards he learning. Thank you!

    Oliviade84 twitter

  65. I would love to win this for my daughter – she’s been lusting after one for the past 6 months and I would definitely give it to her

  66. Id love to win this because Im finishing my degree after a 10 yr break starting in January. Technology has left me behind since then. I hope and Ipad would help me be successful in continuing my education.

  67. I have became a busy mom once mine have started school this year. i would love to use it when i am out and about to keep my schedule on schedule…thanks for the chance

  68. If i win an Ipad 2, i would use it with my studies. At my university everything is through a computer, and it would be easier if i would have one. Merry Christmas everyone

  69. I would give the iPad to my husband who is a teacher to use in his classroom and on the football field. He coaches high school football. 🙂

  70. My daughter is infatuated with the iPad so she would end up using it a lot for educational purposes, but I would love it as a more portable device to stay in touch with friends and family. I’d love to use it to FaceTime or Skype

  71. I would do so many things, video chat, shop online, facebook, twitter, email, visit various websites,listen to music, watch videos and play games.

  72. I would like the Ipad to stay connected with long distance relatives and to track appts and so much more. Thanks for the chance.!

  73. Not only would I stay in touch with everyone, but also would have the ability to read so many wonderful books, play games, and become (at least try) techno savvy.

  74. My whole family would use it to surf the web, check email, play games, as an ereader, etc. I am a fan on FB ~ Kendra Mason and following on twitter @akritical

  75. I would max it out having a solid mobile device for my music and social networking would do me a world of good, and much better than a telephone

  76. I would use this to stay in touch with my friends and family. My sister is in New York and my brother is in would be so great to keep in touch in a way other than snail mail.

  77. If I won the iPad 2, I’d give it to my wife as our wedding anniversary gift!

    Twitter: @joeljayjulian
    Facebook: Jay Julian

  78. I would use it to FaceTime with my husband on my iPhone since he works 15 hours away from home and we only see each other once a month.

  79. I would love to give this to my father! who is very sick with terminal lung and now brain cancer. He has wanted one since they came out and he is such a wonderful selfless man that I would love to see him smile! fb fan and I shared. amy bolda pugmire.

    Thanks for the chance.

  80. I have never had an Ipad or tablet, and I would use this to access the internet while I am out and about. This is such a great giveaway!

  81. an ipad is good for so many things – for Eric to go online and do research for school – for watching streaming movies – for me to be able to work while on the go . My son goes to private German school on tues nights and I have to sit and wiat for him for 2./5 hrs – time that I could use catching up on emails ,etc and being self employed people don’t meed to know where I am as long as I am able to do the work

  82. I would really love to give this to my hubby. He’s been wanting one so that he can keep up with news during his commute to work.

  83. I’d love to win this as a family gift. My kids have been wanting one and so have my husband and myself. How cool would it be to have an iPad2?!

    I liked on FB, shared, followed on Twitter, retweeted 🙂

  84. I would love to give this to my husband ~ since he pretty much uses all of the old technology. I would love to introduce him to Apple – and hopefully he will be just as intrigued as I. 🙂 Plus, it will make an awesome gift! xoxoK

  85. Thank you! I entered on FB: Dee Pearlstein and Twitter and tweeted @MissingLynxx

    I would use this to take with me while blogging and traveling and hopefully be able to grow my business during the new year. Just keep learning, discovering and sharing! I’d also share with family.

  86. I would download educational apps to help my son with his school work ie: math, reading. Its a great tool to help him progess and stay on class level or above. Thanks for the chance to enter your contest.

  87. I did both (facebook and twitter). As a mom to a four month old baby, most of my days and interaction is only spent online. But as you can imagine, holding a baby is so complicated while typing..a tablet like the iPad2, which includes a camera, will give me some actual face time with ADULTS.

    It might save my crazy life!~


  88. Completed steps 1 and 2. As a performing singer-songwriter, I’d use the iPad2 to take sign people up for the e-mail list and accept credit card payments for CDs using my Square device. 😀

  89. I did both Facebook & Twitter! (@MommytoCaleb)
    As a single Mom… I would be able to prioritze my life and have more time with my son, not to mention letting him interact w/ games/apps and learning tools that will help him… This would be so awesome to have.. to make life fun, interesting and a learning tool for my son! Help me, make this dream come true for us!

    Mandi Mella

  90. I would use my new iPad to replace my laptop that is inoperative! I follow, tweeted and like on FB! Thanks!

    Maggie Smith
    newmommyin08 AT yahoo DOT com

  91. I would love to win the elusive (for me ) iPad. I would use it for shopping, comparing prices, communicating, searching & whatever I could do with it.

  92. I would love too win this for my new salon so my clients can look up cool cuts and color and cash themselfs out ( with our system)…it would mean alot for clients and me Thanks sooo much for great give away means alot:)

  93. I would use the iPad to help market myself to galleries and also to have my kids facetime with their grandparents that they don’t get to see nearly enough (we live kind of far away from most of our family)

  94. I liked on Facebook (Jenna Nicole Goodwin) and Twitter @mommyjenna.

    What would I do with an ipad 2? I’d load it fill of educational apps for my kids for when we are going away and this would be amazing to have while in the hospital when we have our twins.

  95. Liked your page. I would give it to my mom who has difficulty climbing up and down the stairs to use the desktop/internet. Hope to win!

  96. I would give it to my son that is a Navy SEAL so he can use it to keep in touch with his family while he is deployed. He also plays Fantasy Football and could use it to keep up with the games. He loves to read too. He would definitely put it to good use! Following on twitter as @jacqgrif and I am a Face Book fan! Thank you!!

  97. I would use this to help bring my husband up to date with technology and to learn a foreign language ( Spanish)

    ssff3tb3 at yahoo dot com

  98. If I had an iPad2 I think I would finally catch up to the 21st century techwise. My husband would love me to carry this rather than my 3″ thick laptop too!


  100. If I had an iPad2 I would use it every day to surf the web, check my Facebook, check drmarketings Facebook, Twitter, and have fun! I would also use it to read books.

  101. It’s not a matter of “deserving” an iPad, it’s more that not only is it a fun device but also can do many of the things you use a computer for. My home computer is dying, so it’d be nice to replace it with an iPad.

  102. I did both FB (Pam Gorall Angelo) and twitter (luckymomx4)! I would use it for sweeping, tweeting, Facebook, music, reading and all around fun stuff! Happy New Year!

  103. I would use the iPad2 to do my school work, to stay in touch with followers on facebook and twitter, for sharing photos with family. I am about the only member of my family who does not have one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  104. I just started my own business, and would use the ipad2 to communicate on the go! It’s perfect for Skype, email, web access, twitter, facebook, so I could reach my customers & vendors at all times! The ipad2 would keep me a step ahead, and ensure that my business grows in 2012! 🙂


    Facebook Share/Post:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=140691396044686&id=100002425312393

    Following on Twitter @ForestofWishes
    LIKE on Facebook as Mel Love

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      It takes maybe 2 minutes to sign up and costs nothing to register! It also costs nothing to at least consider us in your marketing plan! We don’t bite, promise!

      Thanks for entering our iPad 2 contest and good luck!

      -Stephen, Project Manager, dr2marketing

  105. i would like to keep up with email and read and keep up with my sweepstakes hobby which is a busy one thanks for the chance to win an ipad

  106. My daughter confiscated mine, I very rarely get to use it! If I won, this one would be a secret (my kids would not know!)

  107. I would read more books and I would be able to keep in contact with friends and family all day, not just after work.

  108. I would love to try out gaming on an iPad. I’m sure apps optimized for the iPad looks incredible!



    iPad Versus the iPhone: Why I Don’t Need Both–Yet
    While the iPad can do a lot of things the iPhone can’t, I don’t need to own both devices–but you might.

    By Ginny Mies, PCWorld Apr 3, 2010 9:25 pm
    iPad Release Day
    iPad Release Day

    iPad vs. Netbook
    Apple iPad Stress Tests »
    iPad as E-Reader: Glaring Problems, Promising Apps
    iPad Versus the iPhone: Why I Don’t Need Both–Yet »
    What’s Missing: 5 Things the iPad Lacks »

    One of the biggest misconceptions about the Apple iPad is that it is essentially a larger iPhone or iPod Touch (I’ve also heard the term “iPhone on steroids” thrown around). This is simply not true: The iPad and iPhone are completely different beasts when it comes to hardware, software, and what you can do on each device. That said, the two devices do can perform a lot of the same functions: Both allow you to play games, browse the Web, send e-mail, watch videos, and listen to music.

    So if you’re already an iPhone owner, do you need the iPad too? The answer depends on how you currently use your iPhone–and on what you want out of the iPad. Think of it this way: If you’ve ever found yourself wanting more from your iPhone, you might consider investing in an iPad. Do you watch a lot of videos on your iPhone? If so, you’ve probably wished that the display were larger. Are you a gamer? iPad games blow iPhone games out of the water.

    My conclusion: I’m an iPhone 3GS owner. And at the moment, I’m not rushing to the store to buy an iPad–though I’m open to changing my mind. But don’t let my indecisiveness sway you. Consider these factors.
    Price: Deep Pockets Required

    For obvious reasons, the iPad is a much bigger investment than the iPhone 3GS. Pricing depends on the amount of storage the iPad includes, and on whether it has support for 3G networks. An iPad equipped only with Wi-Fi connectivity costs $500 (16GB), $600 (32GB), or $700 (64GB). The Wi-Fi-plus-3G version, available later this month, will cost $130 more at each size–$630 (16GB), $730 (32GB), and $830 (64GB). Of course, if you get the 3G version, you’ll also have to pay for a data plan–either $15 a month for 250MB of data, or $30 a month for unlimited data.

    By comparison, the iPhone 3G is $100 while the newer and faster iPhone 3GS starts at $200 (with a two-year contract). Unlimited 3G data plans for the iPhone cost $30 as well on top of your voice and text rates. Call me cheap, but the thought of paying for two separate data plans makes me shudder.

    Be prepared to shell out a lot of money for content, too: My PCWorld colleagues who picked up iPads today have already put significant dents in their wallets by purchasing apps, which range in price from free to $20–a bit more expensive than the equivalent iPhone apps, typically. And if you plan on scooping up books through Apple’s iBooks Store, expect to pay around $12 to $15 (though there are a few cheaper titles, as well as free iBooks). As an avid reader and a fan of ridiculous iPhone games, I don’t think I’d be able to support my habit on the iPad.
    Hefty Hardware

    Another thing to consider is how you’re going to tote the 9.6-by-7.5-by-0.5-inch-thick iPad around. Unless you invest in a pair of iPants, you can’t exactly toss it in your pocket. And I’m not a fan of hauling a lot of stuff around on my person, so the iPhone is a better match for me. Though 1.5 pounds doesn’t seem like much weight, I think carrying the iPad around all day might take a toll on my shoulders. Also a protective case is a must: Do not throw this thing unprotected into your backpack among your other junk. The display can crack and the back scratches easily. Don’t believe me? Check out our iPad Stress Test video. I’m constantly dropping my iPhone, so I’m afraid of how I’d handle the iPad.

    On the upside, the iPad’s multimedia features trump the iPhone’s. Obviously, watching videos is superior on the iPad’s 9.7-inch display. And have you ever tried listening to music via your iPhone’s external speakers? Music sounds weak and slightly tinny–definitely not ideal for an audiophile like me. I was pleasantly surprised by the iPad’s speakers, however. My music sounded loud and the quality was pretty clean.

    Also, while I’m satisfied with Web browsing on the iPhone, it’s a pleasure to be able to comfortably view a full page on the iPad.
    Native Applications: Better on the iPad

    The iPhone and the iPad have many of the same core native apps (the iPhone runs iPhone OS 3.1, while the iPad runs iPhone OS 3.2), but a few of the iPad’s have been optimized to take advantage of the bigger screen. The e-mail application, for example, in landscape mode shows recent messages and a search bar at the left, and displays the selected message at the right–a useful layout that simply isn’t possible on the iPhone’s smaller screen. The Photo Viewer is equally cool: The app lets you preview many more images, more easily than on the iPhone. There are also more ways of viewing your images on the iPad, including some cool slideshow options. I also love the way the contacts application resembles a physical address book.
    Cooler Apps

    No question, apps optimized for the iPad look incredible.

  109. I am would love to win an ipad2 so I have something more portable and smaller for if I travel or because i walk alot it is easier to carry, I have been working on writing a children’s and I think this would motivate me to finish it thanks. tomgirlbc at yahoo dot ca

    • Thanks for commenting and entering our contest, but you don’t have to comment every time you tweet or share on Facebook. The comment is for us to have everyone’s name and e-mail address so when we have our drawing, we can contact the person. Thanks again!

      Stephen, Project Manager, dr2marketing

  110. I would download educational apps for my kids my three year old already knows his letters and numbers from playing with my Ipod.

  111. I would use to keep up with everything while running the kiddos around town from practice to practice! Thanks for the awesome chance at winning!
    lmmccollister at

  112. What I would do if I won the iPad2? Definitely give it to my daughter to use for school. Here next semester classes are REALLY heavy subjects so this would be a nice treat instead of a heavy laptop to carry around with those heavy tomes! Why she is taking such heavy classes before transferring in the Fall is beyond me (ok I know why) but she will be one BUSY Bee before she finishes the Spring Semester.

  113. Hi guys! Winning an iPad 2 would mean everything to me – I’d use it everyday for presentations at work, planning my self improvement regime (I’ve already quit smoking! :D) and keeping myself and my family entertained for when I travel to show family photos. I would love and cherish my iPad!

  114. Wow. if i had an ipad2 it would make my college carrear go a lot easier and i would have more accability to maintin my grades and explore my further carrear opertunitys.

  115. I would explore everything the ipad2 had to many endless possibilities! i could, watch movies, listen to music, search the social and most important I wouldn’t’ be stuck to this PC!

  116. I would love to win and ipad2.I would be able to use it for school.I wouldn’t have to buy a laptop.It would come in handy for me in my studies.

  117. If I won an iPad2, I would finally stop buying so many paper books & start buying eBooks! Then, I wouldn’t know what to put on my bookshelf though.. 🙂 Oh, and my kids say they want to play learning games on it, too!

  118. I am always on the go, and I laptop is just a bit much for traveling, an ipad would be a great way to work while on the road maybe even watch movies or read a good book without carrying around a bulky computer!

  119. I would be able to do more school work on the go, I also would not have to use a shared computer with the family.. Thanks for the opportunity Facebook as Michael Wright, twitter @mwright199…

  120. I would use the new apple for my kids school work.. they really need something like this for thier homework. I am amazed at how well it would work for this.. I have been to an Apple store and am convinced this is better than a laptop.

  121. It would be used for everything , school work, work, and it would allow me to be a little more independent and not have to use someone else’s computer.. Thanks for the great opportunity… Following on facebook and twitter…

  122. I would give it to my 16 year old daughter. She is an advanced student and has tons of homework. She always need to be online for research and we only have the one PC for all 5 of us to share. This would be a huge help!

  123. My name is Casandra Thompson Email is Tsandy12345 (at)

    If I won I would give it to my husband for work!!!

  124. I would love to take the ipad with me while I sit at my sons practices so I could keep up with our busy lives!!!!!

  125. Me and my family would use the ipad for everyday use. It would replace our beaten down laptop Followed on twitter @lovelyy_tiff

  126. I have 3 fun and energetic little boys to keep up with so I would use the ipad to keep up with everyday life. I could keep track of their schedules and take pics at their sports games, Download apps for the kids if they are bored and I need a little entertainment for them…. I could go on and on!!

  127. I would use the ipad for my college coursework. It would really help me out since I’m doing student teaching this upcoming semester, since it is so portable! 🙂

  128. Me and my family would use the ipad for everyday use. It would replace our beaten down laptop which is really slow, overheats, and doesnt charge

    -Followed on twitter @lovelyy_tiff
    -Liked and shared of fb- Tiffany Hernandez

    Thanks so much for this opportunity winning an Ipad would be amazing to me and my family!

  129. Sharing on Facebook: Mama-Nikki Vosburgh
    Tweeting: @BNTVosburgh

    Thanks for the great contest! I would love to win one to give to my husband!

  130. I really dont want a laptop (I hate them) and this is much smaller. We would use this for everyday use, emailing, facebooking, tweeting, spending money on things we cant afford online, you know, the norm. Following on twitter and facebook.

  131. I would love an Ipad for my husband so I don’t have to share mine!!!!

    –Liked & Shared on FB (Rachel Marie Travis…
    –Followed on twitter (@markandrachel
    –“Tweeted” about it on Twitter

  132. I am very much hoping to win the I pad 2 for my daughters.16th birthday. That is the one thing she really wants and I can not afford one by my self. She is a very helpful and responsible young lady who goes out of her way to help me and her 2 younger sisters while I am in school and trying to get by and she somestimes misses out and goes with out she deserves this. Her birthday is jan 23d she will be.16 so please pick us….
    Sherrie albro
    11901 morseville rd. mi 48415

  133. Liked and Shared on FB Jodi Clark Kershuk
    tweeted as @AgitatedMama

    I would love to win this for my step-daughter, she needs an iPad for school.

  134. If I had an iPad2 I would take it on trips to me ~ so compact yet powerful for keeping in touch and researching new areas!

  135. If I won I would give this to my husband. He is stationed in Korea away from me and the kids I think this would cheer him up

  136. Oh, let me count the ways I’d use this iPad…I’d Facetime with relatives in far away states, my son would use Garage Band to make sound tracks for his mini-movies, my daughter would play Tiny Tower to her heart’s content, and I’d attempt to convince my husband that Apple does really and truly rock!

  137. Winning an IPAD2 would enable me to spread the word on the great work Dr2Marketing is doing by giving away an IPAD2!

  138. If I won an IPad2, I would give it to my husband because he would really benefit from it. He has a first gen. IPad and he uses it a lot, but with all the upgrades you get with the IPad2, it would help him so much when he’s out of his office.

  139. I would keep it, and then give my iPad to my mom. She doesn’t have a computer at all so this would come in handy for her 🙂

  140. if i won this i could do some much with it read books take picture of my grandson i could take it with me everywere and not miss any thing i could stay in touch with my family we are all in differnet states

  141. If I won I would keep this for myself. I love technology and I would love one of these to see what all I could do with it. I would be able to take it everywhere with me, check email, surf the web and keep update to with things going on.

  142. If I won I would donate my iPad 1 st gen to my sons ABA class at his school so the special Ed teachers would have a powerful tool to help my son and other students to battle autism.

  143. tweeted/followed: @theariannamarie
    liked/shared: arianna marie colffer

    if i got an ipad 2 it would help me skype with my boyfriend who lives 6000 miles away in bulgaria because the skype on my hp doesnt work.. and i would use it in my classes and show other students how helpful one is for university.

  144. I would give it to my Dad! He really enjoyed using mine over Christmas! His 78th birthday is in March, the iPad would be a great gift!

  145. I teach 6-18 year olds how to achieve confidence and to express their creativity through theater. I volunteer with a non-profit every summer to give these kids the opportunity to do what they cannot normally do in our rual community. To be able to use an iPad to take my lesson plans with me instead of printing them out from my PC would be a greener, cleaner, smarter way for me to function. The blessing it would be then to these kids would be great!

  146. I would give the iPad2 to my Dad so he can FaceTime with his relatives. He can’t travel because he takes care of my Mom full time. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂 ~ @DinaJ on Twitter

  147. The reason I want an iPad is twofold. First, I am a teacher. I teach high school English at a Christian school that does not have funding for new technology. At my last job, I explored the use of iPads in the classroom an was amazed at how much I could use the technology to enhance my teaching.
    I also own my own business. I am an Arbonne consultant. The iPad would be very elfin at demonstrations because I could show Arbonne video demonstrations and place orders on a portable tablet. I just recently saved up enough money to purhase an iPhone, and I am excited about the opportunity to also have an iPad.

  148. Hey there! I did all the steps and will be sharing/tweeting daily! Thanks for the awesome chance!!! I would create Digital Art with the iPad & my youngest little guy would really benefit from the ASD apps! 😀 Toni M. on Facebook, @VectoringMomma on Twitter!

  149. I would give it to my 16 year old daughter to use for her massive amount of homework.


  150. If I won an iPad2 I’d use it every single day to keep in touch with loved ones & to simply enjoy all it has to offer!! Currently I’m just using a cell phone for the internet which does not allow me to experience the internet to it’s fullest. I would just LOVE to own an iPad2!!!

  151. I have always wanted to own an Ipad but couldn’t afford it. I would use the Ipad. I would look for good ways to better manage my chaotic lifestyle with the aid of useful apps. I would take it everywhere with me because it’s so compact! college, to work and even to the gym. It would totally replace my current laptop.

  152. If I got an Ipad2 I would surf the internet for great contest like this one, because after all you can’t win if you don’t enter.

    idahomom7 followed and tweeted
    Kathy Neibel Scott liked and shared

  153. I would be finally able to upgrade myself and learn more about computers. I would love the ability to use and download apps that I keep hearing all about to make my life easier and more organized.

  154. tweeted and follow~ @zippy573
    liked and shared on FB~ addrienne anny mertens

    i would give it to my father. he deserves something great!
    thanx for the chance!

  155. I need a a faster internet technology. I currently use a netbook, which is ok and I would give my grandaughter the netbook so she could be a smart learner. Thanks so much for the chance. Jake 7 6 5 a t aol . com

  156. If I had an Ipad 2 I would share it with my grandson and we would play angry birds on it.. I could use it for school to so that I do not have to fight for a computer or use of one.

  157. I would use the iPad2 to help my wife recover from a brain injury – the educational apps will help her re-learn some of the things she is having trouble with today.

  158. I would download as many apps as I could from health to cooking and also play some cool games that are out in the App world. I would use it for my social networking like twitter and facebook. I also think it’s great it has a camera unlike the other iPad and I would utilize that also.

  159. I would LOVE to have an IPad 2 to use in my classroom. We have a small private school, and we are trying to get more technology in the classroom! I teach middle school language arts and an 8th grade art class. Please, please, please consider me for this drawing!
    Kathy Carter

    Ps…I did both steps:)

  160. I would give this ipad to my Dad who has lost almost all of his hearing to enable him to communicate with us without all the frustration and embarrassment it has caused this past year.

  161. We are taking a road trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Florida (we’re in N.J.). This would keep my 7 yr old daughter entertained on the way there, and mommy entertained during my downtime after I’ve driven ALL day! I’ve been wanting one of these!!! Thank you for running this contest! : )

  162. What an awesome, generous giveaway! I’ve been tweeting and shared with my friends! Thanks for the chance to win!!! If I won, I would use it for college, and my kids could also use it for school, and for fun! We would enjoy it so much!

  163. Would love to win this great giveaway, my daughter would be thrilled to have access to the stories and apps she has grown to love, outside of school. Then I can download the speech app, they won’t purchase at her school!

  164. Great giveaway! I gave my daughter an Ipad2 for Christmas and i really want one badly myself now! I would enjoy email, etc. on it.

    I liked your facebook page, shared; followed you on twitter @bellows22 and tweeted about your giveaway! Hope i win

  165. The real question for me is …what wouldn’t I do with it!!! It’s so portable & does so much that it would go with me everywhere! I take my sister in law for chemo/oncologist appoints for bone cancer so I’d definitely be able to use it while sitting around for long periods in the dr/hosp waiting rooms (& so could she!) I could see using it during commutes etc. It would be great for surfing the web, listening/watching music clips checking in w/social media sites & email., etc. Anything I could do with my pc only it’d be easy to take w/me! What a blessing an iPad2 would be for us both!

    Tweeting away! @OnlyMe3074

  166. I would use it to keep in touch with my family who is scattered from New York to Texas to Minnesota. We could keep in touch, share pics of our kids,etc. My computer is on it’s last leg and every day it boots up is a good one! I want to be mobile—what a concept!

  167. I would be seeing what all I could do with it going back to school and face timing family who are all over (like my brother in Japan). Thanks.

  168. What a wonderful way to start the new year. I would use it to keep in touch with my children and extended family. I am losing my hearing due to a car accident and can no longer keep in touch via phone. It would be great for using in the kitchen with downloaded recipes, too. Jamie Casolari I shared via twitter i and via FB

  169. I would give it to my daughter. (a junior in high school) She would use it for homework. She looks up math problems. She would listen to music and she would read books. We can’t afford a laptop right now so this would be perfect!

    • I forgot to mention what I would use the iPad for if I won. I had gotten laid off a while ago, and like so many others in American today, I found it extremely hard to find another job. After I had struggled for so long with no success, I decide to return to college to further my education. I decided to earn a degree in the hopes of making myself more attractive to employers. The university I attend has a computer lab, but it’s always hard to get a computer, because there are so many students who need them at the same time. If I won this iPad I would definitely use it for school,.

      Thank-you again for the chance!

  170. I’m trying to figure out various ways to make my artistic talent a career, or at least earn enough to keep my family afloat, so my primary use of ipad 2 would be for its drawing applications and then to branch out with a blog, deviantart account and all that good stuff.

  171. Would love to have one to keep in touch with family when I am on the road. Also to keep up with give aways and news. Thanks.

  172. Completed all the steps and I would use it to communicate with my children while away from home and to read books. Thank you!

  173. I would give the iPad to my son so he could use it when he is deployed. He is a Navy SEAL and needs something compact when he is traveling. Thank You!

  174. Shared on FB and Tweeted I could really use this to help keep the little ones entertained who love the touch screen interactive apps

  175. I would sell it and buy crack with it! No just kidding I would donate it to my son school for the special Ed department so they can use it to teach autistic children like my son

  176. I would love to have this! I would immediately replace my ultra-heavy laptop that I regularly take to work (I frequently have to leave my desk to find a quiet place to work). Plus, this is an lovely shiny apple computer with all of the great design magic that means

  177. I need two awesome graduation gifts by May, and this would be outstanding! My son graduates medical school and my daughter graduates high school with honors.

  178. Hello,

    I would love opportunity to win an ipad2! I have recently qualified as a Primary school teacher and I would love to use this new technology in my classroom for my children to reep the benefits.
    The school lacks high quality provision so an ipad2 would be amazing to have!

    Many thanks.

  179. I would use it for everyday tasks… Mostly to keep my mind in order what is next what needs to be done paid worked on etc.

  180. I would use an ipad 2 to read the newspaper and some favorite magazines. I would also load aps to help with my exercise and diet. I would load entertainment for long trips on the plane or when I have to wait for doctor’s appointments or at my daughters basaketball practice.

  181. I will use my new ipad for everything! Work, play, networking, photo editing, keeping in touch with friends and family– can’t wait! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  182. I’d allow my children to take advantage of the many educational apps available for the iPad. My husband and I could also use it for quick access to our email and web surfing/shopping. Of course, it would be great for the entire family as far and gaming apps go.

  183. I would use the IPad 2 for using internet on the go. But also for the games i can download for my daughter. Shes loves the ones on my phone but they are limited. With the IPad she could play all kinds of games; which makes for a happy child when your driving alot.

  184. Shared and Liked on Facebook and followed and tweeted on twitter @tbonpc so I have a chance to win an ipad that I would use while traveling and as a protable office .

  185. I would use it to help my son with his schoolwork and play games!! I don’t have a smartphone and he is always asking me to play games…

  186. I want to talk to my family and firends in France via skype and use it for working too !! 🙂 I would use the ipad in the plane and everywhere I can .

  187. If i won this I would be so happy – get my emails organized, able to travel with it – shop online – do research but most of all let everyone know how I was able to win it by a wonderful company dr2marketing sponsoring and if they needed any marketing help to go to you

  188. My kids broke the screen on my laptop and I have not been able to afford getting it fixed, I drive alot with my job so having a mobile computer again would be so great!!!!

  189. I would use the ipad 2 to read and organize my life. It would be a Great tool for starting up a small business and blogging.

  190. I would love to win one of these. I have been teaching my grandson who is autistic how to manuver on the computer and this would be a perfect tool for that experience.

  191. Been married for a long time so I am using it settle “discussions” while we are watching television. He insists he is right about an actor or other trivia and he’s not, with an iPad I can prove it!

  192. If I won this contest I would give this to my son in college. Being from a single family home his entire life he has not always had the newest things in technology and he would be very excited to have this and be able to access things for school quickly.

  193. I would be a happy camper if I won the Apple iPad2. It would actually be something I could travel with. I could get all of my pictures of my grandkids organized, and I could Skype with family members that I dont get to see that often. Thanks

  194. I Would Really Like To Win This So I Am Up To Date With All My Mates That Can Afford All The Gadgets They Own. I Have Wanted One For Ages.. It Will Also Help With My Studies.

    • Christine, You only have to post to the blog with your name and e-mail once to be eligible.Thanks for the daily tweets and shares though, we appreciate it! Keep it up and good luck!

  195. If I won the iPad 2, I would give it to my daughter, who just graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. She would be able to load her artwork on the iPad 2 and use it to show her portfolio when applying for graphic design jobs.

  196. The question isn’t what would I do with a new Apple iPad2, the question is “What couldn’t I do with one”… It would replace my large and cumbersome laptop!

  197. I am constantly traveling to see my fiance who is in the marines, I would love to have an Ipad to use in airports and while on the plane!

  198. I followed & shared, like & shared on FB. If I would win, I would check out the iPad thoroughly, as this would be my first newest tech toy ever! To see what exactly it can or cannot do:)

  199. First of all, I would love this just for the sake of never winning anything in my life. I’m just not a lucky person. LOL Secondly, I would love to own this IPad because I have such an outdated computer made up of bits and pieces of a lot of different parts it would be refreshing to have something so up to date and such a good product. My son has an Apple laptop and absolutely loves it. Apple is definitely the brand to own. Thank you for offering this awesome prize and congratulations to the winner, whoever you may be.

  200. Brenda S.

    Winning an iPad2 will benefit our special needs’ daughters as they could use to access the necessary educational applications. Please let them win.

  201. Im a single Mom so to win this would be a dream!! I have a 13yr old daughter who I KNOW would LOVE to have and use this!!
    This would also be great for Mom too because I have vision impairment and it would be so much bigger and clearer to see when surfing the web and going on Twitter & Facebook and doing social media networking !! Ty so much for the chance!! @alongcamemary1 Mary Rodwicz

  202. I would love an ipad for all of my on the go stuff! I want to download as many apps as possible and take pictures of my kiddos where ever we go!

  203. I’d search the web, look up recipes, tweet, check my facebook, email friends, check the weather, listen to music, watch movies, shop, research brands, chat, google, play games, practice typing, click, touch, point, paint, enter, SMILE and take it everywhere!