Facebook Timeline is Here: Is Your Business Ready?

Facebook Timeline

The layout change is now live for all brands (Photo source: Mashable).

Last Friday, Facebook Timeline became mandatory for all brand pages. The features of Timeline have been written about extensively–everyone from Mashable to Forbes has written about how the change will impact businesses.

Now that your brand has its own Facebook Timeline page, we’re giving you an inside look at how one of our clients is using Timeline’s newest features to promote their brand and services.

Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Advanced Bariatric Surgery is under the care of fellowship-trained bariatric and cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Clayton Frenzel — a doctor who realizes and values the significance of social media marketing.

The Cover Photo

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of Timeline for brands, that’s true. The cover photo is the first thing your customers will see when they visit your business’s Facebook page, so you have a  unique opportunity to provide a memorable and visual representation of who you are.

The cover photo on the Advanced Bariatric Surgery Timeline showcases former bariatric patients with Dr. Frenzel. A first-time visitor to the page immediately understands what Advanced Bariatric Surgery does, who Dr. Frenzel is and how he can help them.

Advanced Bariatric Cover Photo

The cover photo showcases results of bariatric surgery with Dr. Frenzel.

Highlighting a Post

With the introduction of Timeline comes two new ways for your business to feature important content. The first of these is highlighting a post that you think is important. Highlighting or “starring” makes the post appear larger, expanding it to widescreen.

Currently, Dr. Frenzel is using this feature to advertise his new cover photo.

Highlighted Post

"Highlighting" a post makes it appear full-width across your Timeline.

Pinning a Post

In addition, your business can feature content by “pinning” a post. When a post is pinned, it stays at the top of your Timeline for seven days. This feature is a perfect way to display your latest blog post, advertise a promotion or tell an important message. Regularly updating pinned posts allows your page to stay fresh and keeps your customers engaged.

This pinned post (distinguished by a small, orange flag) was designed with a call-to-action that precedes all other content on the Advanced Bariatric Surgery Timeline.

Pinned Post

Private Messages for Brands

Private messages give your business the ability to connect with your audience on a more private, individual level. Just as Facebook users have been able send private messages to their friends, they can now communicate one-on-one with your organization. This increases engagement, and allows your business to provide individualized customer service online.

How is Your Business Going to Use Timeline?

Facebook’s Timeline provides brands and businesses new opportunities to promote themselves and create conversations with their audience.

Do you love it? Hate it? Tell us how you plan to take advantage of Facebook’s newest layout change.

Launch of New iPad an Opportunity for Brands to Get Social

Apple's iPad goes on sale in store today.

Mobile technology makes it easier for brands to reach consumers (via USA Today).

Indicating huge anticipation for today’s iPad launch, Apple’s stock price hit $600 this week—a new high for the company.

Apple’s share price briefly topped $600 Thursday morning, and a report from Morgan Stanley predicts the stock will go up to 40% higher.

The new iPad has some great new features that include a stunning retina display with four times more pixels than the iPad 2, a 5MP iSight Camera (a huge improvement from its predecessor) and ultrafast 4G LTE.

New iPad Makes Brand Engagement Even Easier

From a social media perspective, the new iPad should make it even easier for brands and consumers to stay connected.

The iPad gives your customers yet another device to consume, download and buy your content. With a larger screen than the iPhone, the iPad makes it easier—and more comfortable—to read online.

“What Does that Mean for My Business?”

Mobile devices and the explosion of social media have made it much easier to stay in touch with your “fans” than it was 10 years ago—which gives brands more opportunities to make a lasting impression with consumers.

According to a recent Nielsen study, close to 40% of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone. With the release of the iPad—and other tablets like it—this figure should only increase in the future.

Given these figures, it is important for brands to be just as social media-savvy as the consumers they’re trying to reach.

The iPad as an Opportunity for Businesses

With more of your customers using mobile technology, it is important to stay current. Use social media as an opportunity to create conversations and goodwill around your brand.

New tools like the iPad should be considered an opportunity, because it gives you another way to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis.

Will you be purchasing Apple’s latest technology? Leave us a comment below telling us why or why not!