Launch of New iPad an Opportunity for Brands to Get Social

Apple's iPad goes on sale in store today.

Mobile technology makes it easier for brands to reach consumers (via USA Today).

Indicating huge anticipation for today’s iPad launch, Apple’s stock price hit $600 this week—a new high for the company.

Apple’s share price briefly topped $600 Thursday morning, and a report from Morgan Stanley predicts the stock will go up to 40% higher.

The new iPad has some great new features that include a stunning retina display with four times more pixels than the iPad 2, a 5MP iSight Camera (a huge improvement from its predecessor) and ultrafast 4G LTE.

New iPad Makes Brand Engagement Even Easier

From a social media perspective, the new iPad should make it even easier for brands and consumers to stay connected.

The iPad gives your customers yet another device to consume, download and buy your content. With a larger screen than the iPhone, the iPad makes it easier—and more comfortable—to read online.

“What Does that Mean for My Business?”

Mobile devices and the explosion of social media have made it much easier to stay in touch with your “fans” than it was 10 years ago—which gives brands more opportunities to make a lasting impression with consumers.

According to a recent Nielsen study, close to 40% of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone. With the release of the iPad—and other tablets like it—this figure should only increase in the future.

Given these figures, it is important for brands to be just as social media-savvy as the consumers they’re trying to reach.

The iPad as an Opportunity for Businesses

With more of your customers using mobile technology, it is important to stay current. Use social media as an opportunity to create conversations and goodwill around your brand.

New tools like the iPad should be considered an opportunity, because it gives you another way to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis.

Will you be purchasing Apple’s latest technology? Leave us a comment below telling us why or why not!

2 thoughts on “Launch of New iPad an Opportunity for Brands to Get Social

  1. It’s like having your consumers at your finger tips. Having a tablet like the iPad gives brands around the world an opportunity to present their unique personalities. Consumers prefer to engage with brands that have strong persona. It is beyond getting connected; it is building that brand recognition and loyalty. I landed my first job in the creative industry by using an iPad to show off my portfolio. The recruiter was more than impressed.

  2. @Jason: Totally agree. Your point about brand loyalty is something I didn’t include, but applies to Apple. Consumers anticipate new Apple products like no brand out there.

    Nice going on using social media/iPad to help you land your first job. Social media and a personal website is a step up from the paper resume.

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