3 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Advertising Your Surgical Practice

As a surgeon, you’re not only a doctor, but you’re also a business owner, and by definition, your healthcare advertising agency is a partnership arrangement. Choose this business associate carefully; you’re not buying latex gloves or file folders here – you’re hiring trusted professionals that understand your business and your growth goals.

You may feel ready to take your practice to the next level, but is your practice really ready? Here are three fundamental questions to help you decide if your practice is ready to start advertising. Ask yourself:

1. Is my practice currently staffed to handle a projected increase in phone calls and Internet leads?

An ad campaign cannot be launched until the infrastructure of the practice has been assessed and adjusted to accommodate the increased number of phone calls and inquiries.

If your staff is going to need help, then the next step is to determine how much. Should you hire an inbound marketing person to handle the added lead activity or should you use a call center? What type of call center will you need? After-hours or 24/7?  And is the call center HIPAA compliant?

There’s no need to get overwhelmed. At dr2marketing, we’ll work with you and prepare you and your staff for the amount of calls to expect as a result of your ad campaign. With more than 25 years of direct response experience, we understand what patients prefer and we’ve identified which methods work best.

2. What is the profit per procedure?

A surgeon cannot practice good medicine for long if he or she does not run a successful business, so with that said – treat your practice just like any business. Before determining your advertising budget, you must calculate the profit you earn per procedure. A thorough understanding of your profit margins is necessary before investing in the growth of your practice, and dr2marketing can help you realistically project the surgical volume needed each month to achieve your revenue goals. If you’re honest with yourself in determining your future workload, then we’ll work with you to create an effective campaign that will position your practice for success.

3. How do I budget the correct amount for advertising?

An ad campaign is devised by the budget set aside – that will dictate which direction your campaign goes in. There are two factors to consider when determining your advertising budget: Are you going to work off a goal? If so, then your ad budget is the maximum number of patients you plan on seeing. If not, then we’ll take your established budget and maximize its reach. We work on a cost-per-reach basis with national and local media outlets to obtain optimal results for your practice. We can provide more reach, more frequency, and more prominent placement at the same rates large corporations pay.

At dr2marketing, we’ve dealt with all types of medical practices and facilities across the U.S. with varying results. We have the tools to trace your campaign to make sure that your practice is getting the quality and quantity of phone calls and leads you expect, and we have the ability to adjust your campaign in real-time to minimize any wasteful spending.

Like all business decisions, it’s crucial to consider the details before jumping into an advertising campaign. When you’re prepared, with eyes wide open, you can adapt, grow and ultimately, flourish.

For a Free Advertising Consultation, visit dr2marketing.com or call Roger Lee at (817)778-4695. Our agency specializes in results-driven advertising solutions to brand your practice through direct response strategies to bring new business.

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