The 5 Reasons You Need Video

Did you know that product videos make consumers 85% more likely to buy (Internet Retailer)? As technology advances, the use of video on company websites has shifted from an added bonus to an expected component. Your potential clients spend their entire day reading text online, on their phones, and at work. Communicating through video is a great way to provide them with a break from all of the reading they do. 

The advantages of video are best seen in the form of video testimonials. Five advantages are:

 1.     Emotional Connection

  • Think about the last time you heard someone speak about an experience with a lot of emotion. It likely made you feel passionate about their story and helped you relate to it. Video testimonials allow the viewer to learn about your company from someone else’s experience. Listening to someone else speak helps them understand the impact you can have and can be the factor that leads them to choose your business.

 2.     They Brag For You

  • We all know someone who talks about how great they are all the time. Our first reaction usually is to tune them out or assume they’re exaggerating. As a business, it’s hard to talk about yourself without sounding too arrogant. Using video to share client testimonials is a great way to have someone else do the talking for you.  This way people will still know how great you are, and they’ll know that it’s genuine. 

3. Word of Mouth Marketing

  • Videos are easy to send to friends and post on social media networks. Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing, so having a video to share makes it easy for your audience to pass your message along. Forrester Research found that people are 75% more likely to watch video than read print. Video is a great tool that should be used the same way movies use trailers; give your viewer a taste of what’s to come and build their interest in what you can offer.

4. Easy To Find, Easy To Watch

  • Video hosting sites like YouTube have sharing buttons that make it easy for you to post your video anywhere and everywhere. You can embed it on your website, post it on your Facebook, tweet it, pin it and email it. The last thing you’d want is for a client to share their experience and have no one see it. It doesn’t hurt that 85% of people choose to watch a video about a company online rather than read the rest of the website according to Forrester Research. Video is easy to find and easy to watch. 

5.  Videos Are Sticky

  • According to DigiDay, people stay on websites 5.33 times longer with video. Websites can become mundane or redundant when the only thing you have is text. Your visitors will quickly get bored and click away from your site. Adding a video will not only help draw people to your site but it will also help keep them there. Now that you have them hooked, you can be confident they’ll see parts of your site they would have missed if they had just clicked away.

Check out some the testimonials we’ve created below! Let us know, have you used video testimonials for your company?