Five More Lessons From SXSW 2013

1. Trust Is The New Social Glue

  • As social media marketers, we often ask how we can draw clients to our products and help them complete a purchase. This weekend at SXSWi, I found the answer: trust. The power of social media is that it connects people with your company and allows people to get to know you. People trust their friends more than a stranger because they know them. Social media is now the medium that lets you build that connection and level of trust.

 Bottom line: If you allow consumers to know what you value, they will trust you.


2. Mobile is the Hub Of Brand Experience

  • The last five years have seen an explosion in smartphone use. With this explosion there has been a shift in brand experience. Today, consumers experience your company on their phones more than anywhere else. Did you know that 65% shopping starts on a smartphone? When your consumer is on the go it’s important to make sure you are with them because loyalty now lives in their pocket. We’ve seen this first-hand with the app we helped develop for our client, D&M Leasing.

Bottom line: Finding your way into a potential customers pocket will give you new opportunities for business.


3. Social Media is More Than A “Like”

  • Bob Garfield put it best when he said “Companies that care about something bigger than selling their product sell more of their product.” The goal of social media must be to treat consumers as part of the family, to bring them in and show them what you value by providing quality customer service. Then they will give you their loyalty and make purchases because they appreciate what you do.

 Bottom line: Showing a potential customer what you value can be more beneficial than showing them what you can sell them.


4. Social Media Amplifies The Experience

  • An interesting question was posed at SXSW: Is social media making us sick? The aim of the question was to break down whether or not our social media experience was affecting every day life. The results were interesting: 70% of survey respondents said they felt social media was not affecting them, 20% said it made them feel better and only 10% said it made them feel worse. A group discussion led to the conclusion that social media doesn’t make a situation better or worse, but it does amplify it. If you’re having a great day it feels good to share it online. If things aren’t going so well it can be discouraging to log on and see that everyone else is finding success.

 Bottom line: Social media isn’t changing our experiences, it’s just amplifying them.


5. When It Comes To Search, Content Is King 

  • I attended a session in which Google VP of Search, Amit Singhal, spoke about the past, present and future of Google search. What he said about the future of search was fascinating, but I found the most value in what he had to say about it today. When posed the question, “How do I improve my SEO rankings?”, Amit’s answer was simple: provide high quality content that adds value to people’s lives at high speeds. He went on to explain that the goal of search is to provide people with information that others have already discovered.

Bottom line: Your company can provide the solution to someone’s problem. Therefore, you should create interesting content on a page that is easy to read, find and share. Then everything else will take care of itself.


sxsw+2013-1 SXSW2013_Vert_IA_RGB

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