Social Media in Healthcare: More Consumers Turn to Social Media for Healthcare Information

It turns out Facebook is more than just a tool to help keep in touch with old friends and keep everyone posted on your latest whereabouts, according to Fox Business and the National Research Corporation. The corporation surveys 22,877 Americans across the country each month for its Ticker survey, the largest, most up-to-date poll on consumer healthcare opinions and behaviors.

According to its latest survey,

  • 96% of respondents said they used Facebook to gather information about healthcare
  • 28% consulted YouTube
  • 22% utilized Twitter

The survey also found that 4 out of 10 respondents said social media was very likely or likely to impact future healthcare decisions.

39% said they have a very high or high level of trust in social media.

Who is Turning to Social Media for Healthcare Information?

Americans using social media for healthcare are affluent and young – 42 years old on average, and those not using social media for healthcare skewed older – 49 years old on average.

Households earning $75,000+ were more likely to use social media for healthcare purposes than households earning less.

So, if you’re a doctor or surgeon and you’re not marketing to prospective patients through social media, then you’re missing out. At dr2marketing, we take traditional social media one step further and developed an innovative formula to drive new and qualified leads in any marketWhen you add the word “marketing” to the phrase “social media”, you’re talking about business and our social media marketing services are designed to generate leads in the healthcare industry, which in turn, drives results to your practice.

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Seeing is Believing: How YouTube Benefits Your Medical Practice

The Situation

After successfully launching a social media campaign for Dallas-Fort Worth bariatric and cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Clayton Frenzel, dr2marketing decided to enhance his current marketing campaign by incorporating more videos into his social media channels.

We produced four spots that featured four former patients of Dr. Frenzel’s – three bariatric patients and one cosmetic plastic surgery patient. Video testimonials are a key addition to advertising for any practice because it allows individuals to connect with others in a personal and direct way, and also serves as a digital form of word-of-mouth-marketing. I interviewed each patient separately and had them tell me about what their life was like prior to surgery, what their experience with Dr. Frenzel was like, and how their life has changed since their procedure.

The Results

In the end, we produced four honest, insightful video testimonials from actual patients who were eager to share their story with others.

We then took the videos and uploaded them to YouTube to boost Dr. Frenzel’s SEO efforts. Every video we posted to his YouTube channel was tagged and indexed to increase the odds of his name appearing in organic Google searches for keywords associated with his practice and industry.

So, if you haven’t already scrolled down to the testimonials below, be sure to do it now and let us know what you think!

Bariatric Surgery Testimonials

Cosmetic Surgery Testimonial

Case Study: Dallas-Fort Worth Bariatric Surgery Practice

Utilizing direct response advertising strategies in the medical service industry is no longer an option — it’s vital. dr2marketing clients come to us because they know we deliver campaigns with quantifiable results.

The Challenge: dr2marketing was selected as the agency of record in 2009 by a bariatric surgeon in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who wanted to increase his market share and establish himself as a leading surgeon in the weight loss surgery market.

Previous advertising efforts were handled by his office manager, who was aimlessly placing television spots herself on local network stations. She lacked the experience and knowledge to negotiate the best deal that would effectively reach their target audience, and the results left the surgeon with expensive rates that produced a low number of leads.

Our task was to conduct an analysis of the practice’s current advertising strategies and to make recommendations that included media placement of television ads.

Our Strategy:  dr2marketing completed a comprehensive analysis of the surgeon’s market share in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metropolitan area that evaluated his competitors and target demographic base of prospective patients. We conducted extensive market research to better understand how to appeal to the client’s target audience, and analyzed all of the possible television markets available. This allowed us to determine which stations and schedules would provide the lowest cost per reach.

Implementation: Campaign for the bariatric surgeon and his practice included the following:

  • Marketing analysis
  • Research management
  • Media planning and buying
  • TV commercials
  • Call tracking and reporting

The Results: Within the first month of the campaign, we were able to increase qualified telephone leads by more than five times, taking the surgeon’s inbound call volume from 59 to 297.

Prior to partnering with dr2marketing, this bariatric surgeon performed 86 surgeries during the first quarter of 2009. By the first quarter of 2010, after the partnership, that same surgeon had performed 174 surgeries. Once ranked 21 in a list of bariatric surgeons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our client’s ranking soared to number one in just one year’s time.


We were able to accomplish these results using the same television spot and the same budget, but our expertise in buying and placing media allowed us to purchase new time slots at cheaper rates that modified the target audience to a more accurate demographic.

If your medical practice is not marketing itself effectively, you could be missing out on the opportunity to reach out to potential patients. We can help increase your revenue by focusing on specific marketing efforts that will bring you a maximum return on investment.

Contact us using the online form or at (817)778-4695 for a no-cost consultation and for more information on how dr2marketing can develop a customized advertising campaign for your medical practice that fits your needs, audience and budget. 

3 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Advertising Your Surgical Practice

As a surgeon, you’re not only a doctor, but you’re also a business owner, and by definition, your healthcare advertising agency is a partnership arrangement. Choose this business associate carefully; you’re not buying latex gloves or file folders here – you’re hiring trusted professionals that understand your business and your growth goals.

You may feel ready to take your practice to the next level, but is your practice really ready? Here are three fundamental questions to help you decide if your practice is ready to start advertising. Ask yourself:

1. Is my practice currently staffed to handle a projected increase in phone calls and Internet leads?

An ad campaign cannot be launched until the infrastructure of the practice has been assessed and adjusted to accommodate the increased number of phone calls and inquiries.

If your staff is going to need help, then the next step is to determine how much. Should you hire an inbound marketing person to handle the added lead activity or should you use a call center? What type of call center will you need? After-hours or 24/7?  And is the call center HIPAA compliant?

There’s no need to get overwhelmed. At dr2marketing, we’ll work with you and prepare you and your staff for the amount of calls to expect as a result of your ad campaign. With more than 25 years of direct response experience, we understand what patients prefer and we’ve identified which methods work best.

2. What is the profit per procedure?

A surgeon cannot practice good medicine for long if he or she does not run a successful business, so with that said – treat your practice just like any business. Before determining your advertising budget, you must calculate the profit you earn per procedure. A thorough understanding of your profit margins is necessary before investing in the growth of your practice, and dr2marketing can help you realistically project the surgical volume needed each month to achieve your revenue goals. If you’re honest with yourself in determining your future workload, then we’ll work with you to create an effective campaign that will position your practice for success.

3. How do I budget the correct amount for advertising?

An ad campaign is devised by the budget set aside – that will dictate which direction your campaign goes in. There are two factors to consider when determining your advertising budget: Are you going to work off a goal? If so, then your ad budget is the maximum number of patients you plan on seeing. If not, then we’ll take your established budget and maximize its reach. We work on a cost-per-reach basis with national and local media outlets to obtain optimal results for your practice. We can provide more reach, more frequency, and more prominent placement at the same rates large corporations pay.

At dr2marketing, we’ve dealt with all types of medical practices and facilities across the U.S. with varying results. We have the tools to trace your campaign to make sure that your practice is getting the quality and quantity of phone calls and leads you expect, and we have the ability to adjust your campaign in real-time to minimize any wasteful spending.

Like all business decisions, it’s crucial to consider the details before jumping into an advertising campaign. When you’re prepared, with eyes wide open, you can adapt, grow and ultimately, flourish.

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